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  • sandy

    Can anyone relate? I have been suffering from back pain for about a year now. The pain gets so bad, so intense I start vomiting. I am so frustrated because I feel like doctors and some of my work mates do not believe me.

    I have missed a lot of work lately and I am on restrictions. I deal with heavy files all day long and I cannot lift anything over 5 lbs. My boss has to get people to bring the heavier files to me. Then I have to get them to take them back to the files stacks to be filed away.

    I feel bad but what can I do. I just started physical therapy and I files workman's comp sense I initially hurt my back at work.

    I thought this pain was related to my sickness (cyst) back in may but the pain hasn't gone away. My surgeon said all along the pain I was having didn't make sense.

    Just venting I guess.

  • Elsewhere

    (((( Sandy ))))

    I believe you.

  • Badger


    I'll be able to give you a back rub...just hold on for two more weeks...

  • candidlynuts

    try to get an MRI scan done.. it can tell if something is pressing agains nerve sacs within your vertabrae.

    its not something they can tell by examining you on a table. i sympathise..back pains are a pain in above the arse.

  • zion sleeping
    zion sleeping

    Back-Pain... Dam right it hurts!!!! I had an injection of paim meds sometime ago and that helped. the needle was 5 inches long, had to be guided by a x-ray to the right spot... Only 2,500 a pop Hope you get better sweetheart.

  • sandy

    I had an MRI done and it was normal.

    Zion, please tell me more about this shot...

  • PurpleV

    I had terrible back pain for years, herniated disks and stuff. I was given two options by the medical community, surgery (no guarantee) or pain meds. The meds messed up my stomach so that was out.

    I would sob with pain and couldn't walk 1 block without crying.

    Thank God I found Network Chiropractic. It's a mind-body connection which helps you to let go of trapped emotional energy in your spinal column which causes pain. A combination of mild spinal adjustments and breathing.

    I can now walk almost a mile before having to sit down and haven't had a pain pill in over a year.

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