"Captives of a Concept"

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  • Cameron

    There are as many different ways of writing a book about Jehovah's Witnesses and their Watchtower Society as there are those who write them. Captives of a Concept is just one of those different ways. It is not the greatest book that has ever bewn written about Jehovah's Witnesses or their Watchtower Society. But it is different from every other book that has ever been written about Jehovah's Witnesses and their Watchtower Society.

    At the present time it is now available at www.CaptivesOfaConcept.com


  • kls

    I went and read some of the book links and i am definitely going to get it and read it .


  • startingover

    I downloaded it last night, printed it out and sat down to read it last night. I am only a third of the way through, but I highly recommend it. As far as I'm concerned it's a must read.

    Thanks Don

  • bebu


  • jaredg

    i got mine in the mail today and started reading it right away. by the way i found a spelling error.

  • Cameron

    It is amazing how tough it is to find all the typos no matter how much proof reading goes on! Apparently even Ray Franz anticipated the possibility that his book might contain some. On page 337 of Crisis of Conscience he said...

    "If there are errors [including typos] I will be greatful to anyone who will point such out to me and will do whaever I can to make correction."

    (Seems to me that I did find one typo in his book - but I never did point it out to him.)

    I feel the same way. One of the nice parts of this Book On Demand technology is that corrections can be made and uploaded to the printer so that all copies of the book from that point on will not contain the same mistake(s). I have already done this couple of times.

    I thought I had finally found all the typos. But a couple of days ago I dound another one! In that case it was suppose to read "Watch Tower" but instead read "Watch Tower." Not a big deal, but I fixed it so that the book now reads Watch Tower."

    I'm hoping that by the 1,000,000th copy I will have found and fixed all the mistakes!

    Again, I too will be grateIf to have any mistakes brought to my attention so that they will be corrected.

    Please e-maill them to camryn@bluefrog.com


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