Were there any fake/weird etc etc bookstudies you knew of?

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  • badboy

    I read last week that one person knew it was a lot of cr*p the book study he was doing,but he didn't say as he didn't want to offend.

    Any comments?


  • Scully

    I've known of a few "pity" studies. Usually elderly people who are just lonely and housebound. The elderly people enjoy any company they can get. The pioneers who glom onto them enjoy being able to count a Bible Study? and Return Visit? and several hours on their Service Report? every month. They never really "go" anywhere, but nobody seems to mind.

    Love, Scully

  • Wolfgirl

    I had one of the aforementioned pity/loneliness studies with an older woman who lived with her sister. The sister was really smart. She made a lot of good points, but back then, I was so brainwashed, I thought she was crazy.

    I knew even then it wasn't going anywhere, and I didn't study with her indefinitely. I was never good at Return Visits anyway.

  • Mary

    The PO's wife has a bible study every Wednesday with an ex-Dub's mother who has Alzheimers and is an Anglican........this Witness KNOWS that the study (obviously) can't go anywhere, but hey, she counts it as a bible study and time on her Service report..........

  • Mulan

    My grandmother, who was never a JW was being studied with back in 1969, when she was in her 80's. My parents had briefly moved to California, where she lived. She smoked and went to birthday parties, much to my mother's chagrin. I was visiting one time, when she was off to a party, and Mom asked her why she was doing that. She replied "doing what?" It's just a birthday party.

    Mom was horrified, and I thought it was fine.............she was old, leave her alone. She lived to be 94 and never did progress.

    There is an elderly woman at my parent's retirement home, who is being studied with, and taken to the KH regularly. This has gone on for about two years, according to the woman who is studying with her. She is an old family friend, who still speaks to me..............she's known me since I was 6 though. Anyway, the elderly woman has a new boyfriend at the home. It tickles me, because I know it must be infuriating for the woman who is studying with her. I can just hear her now "but he isn't in the truth".

    My mother has tried to "witness" to this man, but he is definitely not interested, and seems to be an atheist.

  • jws

    I heard that after becoming apostate, one of our elders was holding his own study. Actually, I heard it was a Watchtower study, but I can't imagine him using any of the WTBTS's literature.

    I've heard of book study groups being big social events. As soon as they finish, there's food and snacks and that some of it gets kind of elaborate.

    I don't know exactly what you're getting at with the question. Like bookstudies where everyone meets, but doesn't study at all? Or the conductor pretends like people are attending when nobody is really attending? Never heard of those. But if they existed, I would have liked to have been in them.

  • Confucious

    I'm friends with the Prince's inner circle (Larry Graham, etc.)

    Anyway, after spending a weekend with Prince and his wife, I had all good news to tell.

    Stuff about Prince giving his first talk and all that.

    I THOUGHT it would be an encouraging thing to tell everyone about after the bookstudy.

    But evidentaly, no one could give a SH!T.

    How are you going to be like that???

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