IN THE TRUTH by Paul McCool

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  • Dogpatch

    Hi friends,

    Normally I never read novels, but this one is a really good read, hard to put down. It's called In The Truth, and it's about a brother and sister who rebel against the harshness of their Witness upbringing and set out in the world to find the meaning of life and to rejoin their father, who works in a marine reserve in Florida along with an Indian sidekick. The author is an excellent write, it's ahrd to put down! Most of the beauty in the book is about their journey rather than the Witneesses per se. The camp out, stay with very interesting people, get followed by the cops, and most of all the descriptions of the country and people are great. In the end, the Witnesses .... Well, I won't give it away. :-)) Check it out!


  • Mulan

    Looks like a good read to me. Thanks, Randy.

  • willyloman

    Reacting to the sample chapter provided on the web site:

    The word "studies" is misspelled multiple times up front, which tends to lose readers.

    Stories about the dub life are not very interesting to anyone but dubs, who won't read it if it's critical of the lifestyle, and ex-dubs, who represent too small a market.

    Nice title, though.

  • qwerty

    Cool Author!

    Excuse da Pun

  • sixsixsixtynine

    "Unassigned Territory" by Kem Nunn, is a great book based loosely on the Witnesses(they are in "The Way", not "The Truth"). It has all the makings of a great novel; fundamentalist religion, extraterrestrials, love, motorcycle gangs, and murder.

  • AlanB

    Just ordered it, I'll let you know my thoughts.... a

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