a NOTE from Puternut and Octavia

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  • Sassy

    A while back some were asking how Puternut and Octavia were going... so I dropped them a line to see what was up..

    and this was Puters response (as well as a request to let you know how they are doing):

    Thanks for checking up on us. We are doing beyond fabulous. The moment we landed here, we fell in love with the place. We haven't had a boring moment here yet. We live 3500 feet up on Haleakala, in a town called Kula. We live in a little two bedroom cottage and we have a view of the entire mountain from our back porch. And a view of the ocean from our kitchen window. I work 4 miles from where I live. And things are going great at work. We have a lot to do, the new employer is impressed with the work I do.

    We have been missing everyone on the forum. But we don't have an internet connection yet. We just happen to be in a little internet cafe tonight and felt the need to go online for a few. We noticed the Forum is down for some reason.

    Could you do us the favor to post a note on the forum on our behalf? To let everyone know we are doing great, and miss them all. As soon as we can afford an internet connection, we'll be online again.

  • StinkyPantz
  • Sassy

    Its a shame JWD was down when they were at the Internet Cafe.. hopefully they'll be able to get back on soon..

    I'll send them the url for this thread, so they can see people got a chance to hear how they were doing

  • simplesally

    Glad they are doing well!!

  • Snapdragon

    Thanks Sass, I was wondering how they were doing. Good to hear from them.


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