New U2 album - song called 'Yahweh'!!!!

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  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Having been a huge U2 fan ever since around 1982 I still eagerly await their new stuff. I remember being told to throw out the 'War' album by my JW parents because it was about war. It took about a week to explain to them that it was actually an anti-war album!

    Anyway, their new album is out soon and I noticed track five is a little song called, errr, YAHWEH!!!

    My dad actually likes 'Beautiful Day' from the last album, I think mainly because it's the theme song for the main football program here in the UK. At this rate they'll soon be his favourite band! Come on U2 - release something my parents will hate and I can feel young again.

    'After the flood all the colours came out'......

    I've edited the title of the thread because the album is called 'How to dismantle an atomic bomb', not 'Vertigo'.

  • freedom96

    It will be interesting to see what the lyrics are to that song.

    Many of the members of U2 including Bono were extremely religious, to the point that the band nearly disbanded so they could pursue their religious beliefs.

  • Nosferatu

    I pretty much gave up on U2 when the Zooropa album came out.

  • DIM

    I like very early U2 and the electronic period - especially Zooropa....the last album was a huge preachy bore except "in a little while"....i'm holding out hope that this album is good, but i'm not too impressed w/ the new song. I have tons of respect for Bono and his work but I hope his lyrics are less preachy on this album than the last one - it reminded me of the awful Rattle and Hum period...

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    I guess that explains why he's now one of Yahweh's Witnesses...

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