what to do in LA?

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  • Pleasuredome

    i'm gona be in LA in the next week or so. i'm looking for things to do and places to go. can anyone give me some advice? if anyone from that area wants to meet up, please let me know. cheers!

  • jws

    When I was there for a few days on business, I went driving around Beverly Hills, down Rodeo drive, went to see the tar pits, Universal City Walk, and down to Long Beach to see the Queen Mary.

    Maybe those things don't interest you, but L.A. has things to appeal to everybody.

  • Oroborus21

    hey there,

    I live in LA so i could come up with some suggestions. But LA has pretty much anything that you want and on any kind of budget too so you ought to let me know what you are into and if you want to spend money or not.

    Also transportation is a big factor, maybe a decisive one so if you will be driving or have a rental or whatever then you are ok, but otherwise that will limit you to basically a few areas at a time.

    message me or reply,


  • Sassy

    some of the places tourists like to go:

    click hereWalt Disney's Disneyland

    The Universal CityWalk was an entirely new concept: more than just another shopping mall, it is, in effect, a synthetic city street, with all the glitz and excitement of an actual urban boulevard, but with none of the problems associated with real city life: no carjackers, no panhandlers, no grime, no graffiti, no hookers, no muggers, no litter - yet also with no mall roof to block out the sunny skies or night time stars. For once, walking outside in the "city" is completely safe.

    Venice, California is a desired destination for travelers the world around. It. s unlike any place on Earth. Well known for its artists, street performers and funky atmosphere. It. s a virtual carnival running year round with free admission. This web site will always be a work in progress due to the constant input and creativity from Venice residents and visitors. Join us for a tour through the many bizarre and interesting scenes that make Venice truly unique

    An aerial view of Venice, looking north, with Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains in the distance - Photo by Jeffery Stanton

    Portrait artist outside the Sidewalk Cafe - Photo by Jeffery Stanton

    Drive by the Chinese Theatre on any day of the year, and you'll find hundreds of tourists milling about the famous forecourt, gazing down at the stars' footprints, handprints and autographs immortalized in the legendary cement.

  • willyloman
    i'm gona be in LA in the next week or so... can anyone give me some advice?

    I was gonna say, Get out as fast as you possibly can, but Sassy's travelogue has me rethinking my position.

  • Sassy

    I should have shown you pics of me and SimpleSally on the star walk of fame...

    or Six of Nines boots touring LA

  • Valis
  • Sassy

    OF course the Southern Califonia Babes Apostafest is a NOT TO MISS EVENT

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