Canadian protest rally update

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  • Dogpatch

    I am organizing the Protest Rally at the WTS Canadian HQ at Georgetown, Ontario. The Rally will be held Saturday , October 09 th starting at 12:00 noon and finish at 4:00pm. Meet in front of the complex on the city sidewalk. Then those who wish can join me in having diner at a restaurant. Is there anyone from the Georgetown, Toronto area that can assist me. Let me know if you intend on supporting this Rally and if you are interested in having diner as a group afterwards, so I can make plans.

    Anyone concerned about being recognized on TV can wear a mask or costume. Please bring your own plackcard.

    NewsWorld has explained to me that having the Protest Rally at 2:00pm does not give them enough time to make the six oclock news. I have changed the time of the rally to start at 12:00 noon and end at 4:00pm , Watchtower Society Headquarters, Georgetown , Ontario . Sorry for any inconvienence. Please pass on this change to whomever you have contacted. Thanks.

    P.S. - I ask everyone who plans on attending to contact me to let me know and to advise me on whether you want to get together afterwards for dinner so I can make a reservation. I also want to remind everyone that this protest is against the Watchtower Society ONLY and I ask that the messages on the placards reflect that. Thanks for your support.

    I can be contacted at :


  • minimus

    What exactly are you protesting???

  • jgnat

    This protest is in support of Lawrence Hughes, whose daughter died due to the blood policy. I believe Mr. Hughes would like the society to change their stance in order to prevent further unneccessary deaths.

  • minimus

    Thanks Jgnat for that! I hope all goes well!!

  • fjtoth

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