Finally revamped 2nd edition of Father's Touch available:

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    Yup, condensed, re-written, new cover and look:

    Available here:

    also here:

    Thanks for your support! I really don't know how I did it this year: re-wrote a book; 20,000 changes; co-wrote a play on my story; and started a magazine. Am I nuts? LOL

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    Ps. this is the press release from the publisher

    LTI Publishing

    Is proud to release

    FATHER?S TOUCH: The 1st book in the world to address

    Sexual Abuse within a Jehovah?s Witness family

    ??fabulous structure.?

    Joan Barfoot, Critical Injuries (Long listed for The Man Booker Prize)

    ?Told with unusual candor . . . its message is one of hope for all of us?

    Peter Desbarats, author, journalist, educator

    ?A work of rare power!?

    Mike Lew, (author, Victims No Longer, and one of the foremost experts on male sexual abuse in the world)

    Father?s Touch, will increase public awareness and discussion about the sexual abuse of children. By placing the spotlight on this very sensitive issue, Father?s Touch will precipitate community action.

    Incest and sexual abuse, especially with male victims, is a subject that many people in society feel uncomfortable confronting . No one, it seems, wants to face the nasty reality of little boys coerced into being unwilling participants in sexual power plays. Father's Touch, is one man's recollection of a "monster" far too many children in our community still experience.

    Father's Touch breaks down the confinement of the victim and takes the reader on a journey where they will experience: a father's compulsive need to control everyone and everything in his environment, a mother's struggle to protect her children and herself , a mother's fear of a world that makes no sense to her, and most importantly, a survivor's fight to recover from the incredible shame and pain of having been molested.

    Father?s Touch has already received local and international attention.

    ?An amazing and deeply moving testimony of survival, faith and courage, Father?s Touch reinscribes in positive, empowering ways, the meaning of human relationships and social responsibility.?

    ?Kalpana Kannabiran, Biblio: A Review of Books (

    ?This well written and fluent book should be required reading for all engaged in the protection of children and the victims of today. A triumph of talent and the will over adversity.?

    ?Dione M. Coumbe, LL.B, ()

    ?This book is an essential memoir in the field of education.?

    ?Dr. Jacques Coulardeau ()

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