Ozzie's Weekend Poll #114 - Who is it?

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    This weekend is the time for footie fever here in NSW so with all th excitement we need to slow down and contemplate together. So get a nice cuppa or a glass or two of shiraz and consider this for a few moments:

    Why are the writers of Questions from Readers never identified?

    1. For the sake of humility.

    2. For the sake of anonymity.

    3. Because they don't exist.

    4. It's really Ted Jarasz's wife !

    5. They're all written by Fred Hall.

    6. They might be attacked.

    7. People would see how dumb they are!

    8. The R&F would know who was "reaching out" for "privileges".

    9. They lost the address.

    10. Other (please let us know....)

    So, get those replies coming and.......enjoy.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    They're anonymous Mormons and Moonies slowly gathering info on the org with the goal of infiltration and assimilation?

  • Aaac

    # 10 They receive so many questions (mass postings) about each issue that naming only one reader is not reasonable.

  • Scully

    10. Other (please let us know....)

    So nobody knows what aliases Apostates? are using.

    Love, Scully

  • Corvin

    Seriously, I think many of the questions from readers are from doubting JW's who are not buying the crap like they use to and are trying to pose difficult questions for the Society to answer. The Society figures there must be others out there who are doubting too and publish responses to very carefully selected questions in order to give an insightful and honest appearance.

  • blondie


    In the past the WTS would identify the person by initials, state and/or country. But that dropped by the wayside. While I think the questions are from the "readers," the readers are people at Bethel who want to emphasize their own agenda. Most times the points are somewhat controversial such as blood or disfellowshipping. It boomerangs on them because, IMO, 80% of the JWs never read them.


  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    I agree witrh Blondie Except I'll take it further. I believe that some of the questions are not from anyone. They are made up in the propoganda department and phrased carefully to allow for an easy BS response.

    (I am tired of shiraz - too robust unless with food. I am sipping some Pinot Grigio - it's early but I'm doing this in the spirit of the weekend poll).

  • gumby
    While I think the questions are from the "readers," the readers are people at Bethel who want to emphasize their own agenda.

    It was a well known fact that for years, many of those questions were written by Fred Franz himself. He figured he was a reader too and could fit the role as a reader who questioned.

    These questions were not necessarily a hand written/typed letter sent to the society by an individual reader, but rather a general "feel" what the publishers had on their minds that raised doubts or questions, and the GB addressed it as a question from the readers.


  • Kenneson

    10. This is just another safeguard against creature worship.

  • alfie

    Well, if you all must know, the answer is #10- IT was Mrs. alfie and me.Hell, there wasn't anything better to do on a Saturday evening after preparing for the WT study.



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