A million study the Bible in UK!

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  • eyeslice

    But not with Jehovah's Witnesses.

    There is a big push on at the moment in UK for an 'introduction to Christianity' called the Alpha Course. The course has been advertised widely and claims to have attracted over a million people to look into the meaning of life and what Christianity has to offer. It is ran at many churches and appears to be non-dominational.

    Compare that with the number of Bible studies being conducted by the Witnesses in UK - currently just under 50,000 then take out 'family' studies and my guess would be you end with no more than 10,000.

    So the Witnesses' claim to be the only ones teaching the Bible today certainly doesn't stand up.


  • blondie

    Hi Eyeslice, long time no see.

    JWs don't want to be tied down to the responsibility of a Bible study.

    And to think that no one but JWs studied the Bible, according to the WTS.


  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    JW's need to toot their own horn because no one else will. but i have to admit, when i was a Jdub and going in the service/ministry, i would have rather either accompanied someone on a bible study, or conducted one myself than go door to door. the problem is for most witnesses, that they have a fear of rejection by their return visits, if they were to ask them if they'd like to study the bible. so nobody makes the transition from magazine call to bible study...


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