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  • Dawn

    Hi all:

    I'm working with a charity right now (Operation Christmas Child)- I'm not asking for any $$ so please read on ...

    Operation Christmas Child is a charity that distributes gifts to children in poverty. I have done this with my kids and they loved picking out the presents and filling the boxes. Here's what you do:

    Get a shoe box and fill it with things a child would need: toys, candy, hygiene items (like toothbrushes, soap toothpaste), school supplies, candy, even t-shirts or hats/mittens. Then drop it off at a collection location. The charity collects these boxes and distributes them to the children in poverty striken countries. I have a friend who has gone to the countries to distribute the boxes and has shared with me how much it meant to these kids. This is may be the only christmas present they receive - and they value it so much.

    There is no pressure here - I know we're all in different economic situations, and some of us already have charities we contribute to. However, if you are interested, check out - click on "Operation Christmas Child" - there you can find a link on what items to pack and a drop off location for your area.

    This charity has a special place in my heart because I work with kids so much - and because Christmas now has such a special meaning - having not been able to celebrate as a child, I want every child that I can help to get a christmas present. I set myself a personal goal of getting 100 boxes donated for kids this year. So - if you decide to pack one and drop it off at a location, please post me a response or send me a message so I'll know. I'd be so excited to reach that goal! Just think of 100 more kids getting a christmas present this year who would otherwise go without!

    I've been canvasing my work locations, schools, etc - so far I've had a lot of great response. So - if you're interested, please check it out.

    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this post.

  • hubert

    Thanks, Dawn. Looks like we will do it, too. I'll let you know. I found this very moving. Good for you.


  • Dawn

    Awesome! Thanks hubert.

  • PointBlank

    Hi Dawn,

    The non-denominational church that I attend (when I go) does this on a regular basis. We participated last year. That Sunday morning, it was phenomenal seeing the stack of 'shoe boxes' grow into a virtual mountain. Then they were prayed over and sent to Samaritan's Purse.

    I think my favorite part (aside from giving to needy children) was watching my own daughter pick out the stuff to put in her box. She's grown now and is so very thankful that we left the JW's when she was still young.


  • Dawn

    Hi PointBlank:

    I'm so glad to hear your church is involved also.

    My kids really had fun filling the shoe boxes too. I found it was a good lesson for my kids. They gets sooooo much at Christmas time - between having a Mom that's making up for lost years, and my husband's parents really shower them with gifts. When I explained to them how to fill the shoe box - and how important it was to find special things because this was the ONLY gift these kids would get, my daughter was completely shocked. She didn't know other kids didn't get gifts like she does. We talked a bit about the poor people, etc. and she remembered it - she comes to me from time to time with things that she wants to give to the "poor kids". It's so cute too because they are not just old toys she doesn't care about, but she chooses things that really mean something to her. This week she just gave away her favorite necklace to a little girl at school because the little girl said she didn't have one - and my daughter has tons of them. I hope she keeps that type of heart all her life.

    I think that doing something like this with your kids helps them to be more compassionate to others.

  • Mulan

    It sounds like a great idea, but the drop off areas are a long way from where we live. If I think I may be going that way, I will do it.

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