We're going into space as tourists

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  • ballistic

    Has anyone posted this already?


    Trips from 100,000 pounds by 2007. I've been waiting for this, but it came up quick, I thought I would have to wait until about 2050, if I live that long.

    I see it as another move into the 21st century while the Watchtower is still stuck in the 1890's.

  • kls

    By Ballistic , send post cards.

  • Elsewhere

    If you go, make sure you bring along a bunch of little trinkets that you can later sell on E-Bay as things that have been out in space!

  • ballistic

    OK, trying to make this a little bit more than fluff...

    When we're all literally visiting friends on the moon and commuting to work via space, will it put a different slant on the Watchtower doctrines which are about a literal earth such as the demons being herld down to "earth", the "four corners of the earth", the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one, etc.

    Also, if God had other planets inhabited elsewhere, doesn't it blow the whole ransom sacrifice thing out of the water, I mean God could have just killed Satan and Adam and taken a few ribs from another planet, if you know what I mean???

  • ballistic

    duplicate post - getting errors since going SP2 - like my file sharing doesnt work anymore either.

  • Gadget

    Ok, who wants to come to the first Aposta-Moon-Fest?

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