In Sacto: Best place to pick up a Watchtower magazine

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  • Jankyn

    This is from the "Best of Sacramento" issue of the Sacramento News & Review, the local alternative paper.

    Best place to pick up a Watchtower magazine

    K Street Mall in the early morning
    In the 1930s and 1940s, Jehovah?s Witnesses did their street preaching with speaker trucks and sandwich boards that proclaimed, ?Religion is a snare and a racket!? The end may (still) be near, but the rhetoric?s been toned down a bit. Early on most weekday mornings, impeccably dressed and quietly polite evangelists stand in pairs and small groups on the K Street Mall, offering recent issues of the Watchtower. Unlike the early-bird panhandlers, who occasionally rant about impending doom while requesting spare change, at least these folks want to give you something before the world goes up in flames. Either way, the mall?s sunrise crowd is sure that Armageddon?s coming, probably, real soon, any time now.
    K Street Mall.

    I'll bet it came from their resident ex-JW writer--she wrote on the pledge of allegiance last fall. Anyway, apparently she doesn't know that the dubs on the K Street mall are passing out Awake!


  • avishai

    K st. mall, huh? I'll have to go stand next to them with my silent lambs brochures.

  • Jankyn

    Yeah, they like to hang out around (believe it or not!) the Cathedral...and I've seen 'em regularly at the coffee shop that used to be Metro Expresso (can't remember what the new owners call it).


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Times are a-changing. Our neighborhood hasn't been worked in the 3 years we lived here. I can remember the time when it was mandatory that all territory be worked annually.

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