My Dog is living a Double Life...

by Confucious 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • Confucious

    My neighbor came up to me today with my dog.

    I was shocked since he is allowed to walk the yard - but it's all fenced in.

    When I talked with my neighbor - he said, "Yeah, your dog has been wandering around the neighborhood for weeks. I just didn't know it was yours."

    Turns out that my dog has been escaping through a hole in the fence every day. And returning before I got home.


    My dog is living a double life...

  • Bryan

    That Dirty Dog!

  • jwbot

    My parents male cat (also dominant) would come home with semen crusties on his lower back. My parents are still not convinced they have a gay cat.

  • ConcernedMom

    I knew of a golden retriever who used to leave home every morning when his owner left for work. He would make his way to the public swimming pool a couple of miles away and join in the mom and tot swim. They would chase him out, he would go back home and be waiting (dry by that time) when his owner got home. It was weeks before the guy found out about his dog's secret life...

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