Ex-dubs are nuts

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  • czarofmischief

    It was karaoke. Ah, that collision of delusion and talent, that sweet techno produced hallucination of competence, performance, and being noticed... her name was Suzie... and she was an ex stripper that was also an ex dub. We foudn this out. Fate threw us together.

    She told me that I "knew what I knew" and that "Jehovah was gatherring all his lamsb together."

    I told her it was all lies.

    She said, no it wasn't, she had been my age once and that she was now no longer fighting her madness in pursuing the dubs....


    I'm drunk, but I got pissed and walked away. I need this no longer, this delusion of last days and special knowledge and all that bullshit...



  • candidlynuts

    an ex stripper ex dub.. hmmm she's tried a lotta things in her life eh?

    anyway being nuts aint so bad! come back in the morning when your hungover and get all re-pissed off again!

  • Panda

    LOL Czar, If she's done a lotta things they obviously haven't involved any sort of education on cults and superstition.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Some of us are nuts, some of us are pretzels - the loopy kind, and some of us are pretzels - the straight kind. Lets add a few squares (of Chex) and you've got a pretty good party mix!



  • minimus

    Now that you're not drunk, what happened again??

  • czarofmischief

    Okay. All right. Whew.

    I went out to karaoke. I met this girl. She was an ex-stripper. She was drunk, was going to skip work the next day, and was talking enviously of the people who could afford cocaine.

    All well and good. Until later in the evening she says, "We weren't meant to live this way..." little alarm bells started going off.

    I told her, "I used to be a Jehovah's Witness." She said that she had been too. She was jealous of me for being baptized. Apparently there's some sort of current that uses the language of Isaiah's prophecy of Jewish restoration "gathering the scattered lambs". Anyway, she said, "Jehovah is gathering his lambs together."


    So I said, "But it's all lies. All of it. I can prove it to you. Even from the BIBLE."

    And she said, "You can try to deny it. I tried to deny it when I was your age (she is about ten years older than me). But you know what you know."

    I just looked at her and was like, "Then why are you talking to me? I'm not going back. Not ever. Leave me alone."

    and whaddya know? She did.

    So she's going back, I guess. What a waste.


  • minimus

    Czar, if you meet an ex-stripper again-NEVER tell her you were once a Jehovah's Witness, OK??

  • Corvin

    Must've been a surreal experience for you cz; it sure was for me . . . creepy isn't it? She really sounds like my cousin, Jodi, the only JW family member who talks to me on the phone for hours knowing I am apostate. But she babbles on incoherently about how the truth is the truth, how the organization is under Jehovah's direction, blah blah blah . . .

    But then she turns around and makes excuses for why she is 36 years old, never been baptized, how that she does not agree with everything the Society does and says . . . she is very confused. I love her so much, and I think I can get her out one day. Who knows, but I think you should go back to karaoke, get drunk, and marry that girl .


  • Markfromcali

    Sometimes people don't really believe what they say they believe, not really. Sometimes people just want to be heard, not feel so alone maybe.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Ever hear that alcohol doesn't mix with either religion or politics?


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