In Reality, Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Divided Group???

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  • minimus

    JWs are supposed to be a "united people". Do you believe that is true??

  • Brummie

    United in error, hardly a good sign though is it?

    I'd say more of a "conformed" people rather than united.

  • Dawn

    They're not really "united". They will outwardly say they all believe the same thing - but in reality, many JW's have questions and other beliefs they're afraid to air in public.

    To be united means to share the same belief/goals freely - the JW's are not free to believe - they're told what to belief and they have to conform or be thrown out.

    Anytime you get 100 people to say the exact same thing - it's mind control, pure and simple!

  • minimus

    Being united means to a JW, that they will say the same thing no matter what country they may live in. Doubts are never really recognized by them. As long as you SAY you support the "truth", even if you don't believe it, you are "united" in the brotherhood!

  • blondie

    Uniformity not unity is what the WTS pushes

  • minimus

    There are a few groups of Witnesses......the strong, the weak and the new ones.They make up a "united brotherhood". Elders tend to be "divided"---more so than most groups. That's why elder's meetings took so long. It takes a long time for holy spirit to work!

  • barry

    Ive heard it said there are more divisions in Catholisism than in the whole of Protestantism and it is because of the hierarchael nature of the Catholic church. That being the case it would also be true of the JWs only while there is extreme high control the diversity doesnt surface. So just wait when the JWs have more freedom. There will be an explosion of differing beleifs. Barry

  • toreador
    It takes a long time for holy spirit to work!

    Min, thats a great line! But even then the spirit/elders get it wrong more frequently than right.

  • minimus

    "Jehovah's bad spirit came upon them" just like King Saul.

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