What a crapy day!!

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  • Dawn

    Ever have one of those days where you should have just gotten back into bed and waited for tomorrow? I had one of those TODAY!

    1) overslept and was rushed to get ready for work and get my daughter to school, then

    2) got in a spat with hubby in the morning before work, then

    3) stopped to get a latte and ended up spilling it on my blouse while driving out of the parking lot,

    4) was only 2 miles from home, so stopped back at home to change my blouse, but turned into the garage too sharply and scraped my car!, then

    5) pushed the button to shut the garage door, and the other garage door went up instead. Then it wouldn't close - it was stuck open!,

    6) gave up -went inside to change my shirt, came back out and got the garage door shut - headed off to the location I needed to work at today (2 hrs away), then 15 minutes out of town, realized I had forgotten some of the things I needed, so had to head BACK home again to pick it up, then

    8) called hubby to let him know I had arrived on location safely and ended up spatting again.

    D@mn this was a crappy day! But - it ended ok. I made it back home safely, got my work done, inspected my car and found it only had a little bit of paint transfer that can be buffed out - went to dinner with my little girl. Made up with hubby's who then left town for a hunting trip so I have the house (and T.V./remote) to myself for a few days.

    I sure hope tomorrow goes better! Now I just have to endure the harassment of my friends over scraping my car on the side of the garage - how stupid is that?!

  • liquidsky


    I'm so sorry you've had a bad day. I know how you feel, I've had a terrible week. Car got keyed, I flooded my new house, My company is downsizing.... bleh! I'm heading upstairs with a bottle of wine to take a warm bath.....

  • Stefanie


  • Xandria


    Too bad there isn't a Ben and Jerry's button on Simon's Board. I would definately send a pint.


  • Dawn

    Thanks for your sympathies! I think the wine and bubble bath are a great idea!

    As Scarlet said "after all, tomorrow is another day".....

  • Snapdragon


    My god, can I totally relate you your day. I don't have 'em too often, but when they hit, they hit hard.

    Thanks for sharing. At least I'm not the only one.

    Here's to hoping today is better than yesterday!


  • dorothy

    My apartment building had a fire alarm at 4:30 this morning. Totally freaked out my 4 year old, had to get her all dressed up and walk her down 10 flights of stairs with the alarm blasting. It was great. (loads of sarcasm)

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