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  • tresbella

    O.k, so I have major issues people. Issues with my low-self esteem, issues with my previous abusive relationship that I once blamed on the fact that I deserved for sinning,while dating a non wiittness. Issues with the control the society has had on me and the control they instilled onto my parents to have on me way before I even knew better and I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites or possible online therapists that specialize in helping former jw's or people like me who are still young and live at home and so therefore have no choice but to live that "double life." cause i'm so lost and trapped its scary.

  • kls

    I am sure there are some here that can give the info you need . I am deeply sorry for what you are going through and having to live a double life. Be strong and hang in there so you can handle the strain. One day soon you will be able to break away but in the mean time ,yes get help from a Therapist and come here and unload ,we are all here to help, (((((((((HUGS ))))))))

  • Glenmore

    I found that going to a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist helped me, I'm sure you can find one in the yellow pages. If you read Dr Burns' definitive work Feeling Good and it seems to be what you need then that could be the way to go. Good luck, it's worth the work!

  • under74
    under74 might be something for you to look at. There are some different resources listed at this link- and you can also e-mail them directly for advice - [email protected]

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