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  • RR

    NOTE: Before I leave. a little something for you guys to play with.

    It didn't take long for the Judge to transform the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society from a Brooklyn publishing house to the Brooklyn Vatican.

    May 23

    Whither the tribes go up .... to give thanks unto the name of the Lord.--Psalm 122:4.

    Three times each year the tribes of Israel went up to Jerusalem. Their going was not so much to make requests of Jehovah but to proclaim his praises and recount his goodness to them. God has now set Zion as the place where he will accept praise from his faithful ones, and in no other place does he accept praise and service. God?s organization on earth is a part of Zion, which is made up of that faithful company of anointed ones who joyfully obey his commandments to do his will. As surely as God made Jerusalem the place or center of worship, just so surely now he has made his visible organization on earth the place where he accepts the praise and service of his people, his anointed ones associate themselves together in what we call the Society to do the work of Jehovah as he has commanded and thereby proclaim the honor of his name. - 1928 IBSA YEARBOOK

    This was the first time the Judge made this statement and it caused a ripple effect all across the world among the Bible Students. For many, this was the last straw, and a huge exodus began.

  • minimus

    Da Judge was good fiction writer.

  • ozziepost

    A momemt in history. Like you say RR, the ripple effect has been felt around the world ever since.

    Looking at the Judge's bald statement, it surprises me that so many,me included, were prepared to accept such stuff. A cult indeed!

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