How did you deal with your Bible Studies when you learnt the WT secrets?

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  • truthseeker

    I don't know if this question has been posted before, but for those of you who learnt the truth about the organization, how did you deal with any bible studies you had at the time?

    Did you come straight out and say, "Excuse me, but everything I have been teaching you is a load of crap"?

    Did you terminate the Bible Study?

    Did you tell your Bible Study the real truth?

    Did you allow your Bible Study to continue learning what you now no longer believed?

  • Mulan

    I had two studies. One I turned over to a pioneer, and the other one I was pretty sure would never progress, so I suggested we take a break for a few months. She jumped right on that idea, and I ran into her at a dentist's office a couple of years later, and told her I was no longer a JW. She hugged me. Haven't seen her again. The other one became a JW, but I hear she is sporadic. Whew!

    I just could not fathom the idea of continuing to go on studies, and get them to meetings, and do all the crap you are supposed to do.

  • Brummie

    I had 9 bible studies, I went back to all of em and told them I was sorry, one guy I had studied with for 4 years told me he knew it was a load of crap anyway, he just didnt want to offend! Darn, I didnt know whether to laugh or hit him upside the head.

    However...One of my old mag routes is now a fully fledged JW :(

  • CeriseRose

    I only had one study who I suspect was in it more for the friendship. She studied under my sister (pioneer) and then when sis moved, me. It was going on 8 years and she didn't progress much more than to the Memorial every 2nd year or so.

    When I wrote my DA letter, my friend who still talks to me let me know that they'd take care of her, getting her sorted out with someone in the congregation that spoke her language to study with her. I let them do that, knowing that that was the one thing she didn't want. Of course, when I left I still believed in all of it, so I figured that she wouldn't progress much either way, so it didn't matter.

    This is probably still my only regret; that I haven't contacted her since to explain how it REALLY is. I don't think she's really into it, but I feel bad from the friendship point of view. I've considered showing up where she works, just to keep it on neutral ground. I still might, just have to find the time.

  • jwsons

    I had 22 Bible Studies (or I may miss some). By the time I know Rand Cam scandal, I still conduct a group of 4 Uni students. I told them the truth:"I teach you everything good from the Bible,as we agreed from the beginning. We only use WTS publications as a skeleton. Like Jesus said in Matt.23 about teachings of Pharisses 'Listen to them but not following their course'So now I found out WTS is a crap Pharisees. It's up to you, whether we stop or continue this Bible Study, for me,myself, I'm quitting JW." They agreed to continue with me without WTS in mind. However, after around 7 months, I couldn't continue with them for I feel guilty if continue based on a WTS Pharisse publication. I stopped. They understood. One of them accepted an active JW doorknocker offer to continue. Three quit. Then U.N./N.G.O. scandal come, the fourth one (still get along well with me, I informed her about N.G.O.) she also stopped. For all others, they rang me up to ask why I did not attend meeting anymore. I told them the truth and warned them "You may still go to the KH, but please minimize your time with them, give time to look after your family first," they all agree. For many others, they are far away, I don't have any mean to contact them. I made a website say sorry to them and give same warning+advice "Spend time for your household/family. Don't involve more than a churchgoer" jwsons

  • Mulan

    Most of the other people we studied with, over the years, are still active JW's, if they came that far in their studies.

    The son of one of them (and his wife and kids) are now out, and used to post here. Another couple we were especially close to, are not very active anymore, and he had been an elder too. Another very nice man, went through a nasty divorce while studying, unrelated to his becoming a JW, and is now an elder, remarried to a lovely woman, and they have a child together. Their life is much better than before and they are very happy...................they still talk to us too. I see no reason to disrupt their happy life. If they ask, we will talk to them, but so far they have only said they think we must have had a very good reason to leave.

  • RR

    We were studying with a family, five in all. When we left, they came with us.

    Their kids are now in college, but the family is now 7th day Adventist.


  • jschwehm

    When I was in the process of leaving I did not have any studies. However, one day I conducted a study with a man who was studying with a friend of mine. I think my JW friend was hoping that if I conducted the study it would get me back in the swing of things. I was explaining to this man how the JWs came up with the 1914 year. While I was explaining I realized that I did not believe in it anymore and that it was really a rather ridiculous teaching. I knew at that moment that I would never be able to teach that doctrine "as the truth" again.

    Jeff S.

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