Memory trapped in a song

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  • Nosferatu

    I'm listening to an MP3 cd at work today, and the song "Driver's Seat" by Sniff n The Tears came on. This song immediately triggered a memory. It was 3 years ago that my ex left me. It had forced me to move on in life, even though I really didn't want to. I ended up living with a friend of mine. Twice, my ex had called me at my new location. It was just a really odd situation, being thrown into a new path of life in the middle of summer. This song was one that I listened to quite a bit at the time. It's odd how a song can trigger so much emotion and memory.

    What songs trigger memories for you?

  • DireStraitJacket

    "The Pixies - Where is my mind"
    almost 4 years ago, I had just reached breaking point about being told that I was not doing enough field service, not going to enough meetings, not doing enough personal study, and inside I was thinking "I don't believe any of this" but not knowing what else to believe..

  • Insomniac

    "Freaks" by Live.

    A few years ago, I was coming out of a major depression. Life was finally looking up: I finally had a driver's license and a beat-up car, a job I enjoyed, and my health was on the mend. One night I drove out to a Denny's restaurant two towns over, to flirt with a guy I'd recently started seeing (hot as hell and old enough to be my father). Driving home at 3am with the chilly wind whipping my hair around and the feel of his lips still on mine, I heard this song on the radio.

    To this day, "Freaks", while not written as a romantic or uplifting song, still takes me back to that night when I felt this completely unfamiliar sense of optimism- about the present, the future, and the wisdom of kissin' on ex-con hotties in the alley behind Denny's.

  • onintwo

    When my ex left me I was really ripped up. Couldn't believe I would ever love again. "First cut is the deepest" by Rod Stewart really got to me for a long while. (of course that song's since been covered by a female artist, I forget her name.)

    Anyway, now I can hear the song, but listen with a more detached, dispassionate feeling. That is, since I met my present wife. She's great and I could not be happier!


  • little1

    "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera.

    "Makes me that much stronger, makes me work a little bit harder, makes me that much wiser-thanks for making me a fighter. Maybe learn a little bit faster. Makes my skin a little bit thicker. Makes me that much smarter-thanks for making me a fighter."

    Of course sometimes I think Weird Al could make a good parody of it-"Thanks for making me a spider."!


  • Nosferatu
    "First cut is the deepest" by Rod Stewart really got to me for a long while. (of course that song's since been covered by a female artist, I forget her name.)

    Sheryl Crow and Rod Stewart both covered the song. I believe the original version is by Keith Hampshire (in my opinion, his version is the best). That song actually reminds me of my childhood.

    There's another unusual memory is attached to the song "Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man" by Porter Wagner & Dolly Parton. This song reminds me of when my father was still drinking. I remember he'd come home from the bar on Friday night (when I'd be listening to this album). I remember how his hair would look when he was drunk - flat and hanging down. His hair was never like that when he was sober.

  • bittersweet

    I'm not quite sure why, but the Logical song by Supertramp always makes me feel nostalgic and a little sad.

  • Evesapple

    "Shut up and Drive" By Chely Wright....After I was heartbroken, my best friend made me sit down and listen to that's become a great break up theme song.

  • rocketman

    Cat Stevens (a/k/a Yusuf Islam) also covered First Cut Is The Deepest.

    Still wondering if I should throw away my Cat Stevens CDs Class

  • detective

    You know, I can't pass up an opportunity to mention the Pixies and seeing as how "Where is my Mind" has already been brought up, I'll relate the memory that that particular song brings to my mind:

    Eating a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich in a a dank basement deli downtown at lunch hour while I was waiting for my friend to come meet me. I'd listen to the Pixies on my headphones and she'd walk in and be listening to Bobby Brown or...the highly-regarded Milli Vanilli on her headphones. Quite the contrast, I know.

    I miss college! But I don't miss my Pixies, because I still listen to 'em all the time. Reunited, they are, and it feels soooooo good. Hopefully they'll have something new out soon.

    There are songs for me which are emotional triggers but only one that I feel obligated to listen to even though I don't like it... I won't name it, but a couple of years after high school graduation I learned a friend I had lost touch with had died. That person did something for me that I will never forget. So when it comes on the radio, I sit back and listen to the song she used to play on the piano...


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