Pillow fight world record attempt

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  • DireStraitJacket

    I was there, fighting started at around 13:25, officially it started at 13:50, lasted about 5 minutes.
    I escaped with a bloody nose, thankfully no other damage. Various people lost cell phones, wallets, reputations, and a large number of pillows were destroyed..
    The motivation behind the event, besides the world record, was to encourage the more liberal use of pillows on campus, especially in lecture theatres where they could be put to good use.
    There were twice as many people watching the fight than taking part, probably because they didn't have pillows. Maybe next time we'll get the record.

    I'll upload pics as soon as I can find some...

  • Special K
    Special K

    This thread gives new meaning to the word "fluffy thread".. lol haha

    I'll watch for your pictures.

    Hope you didn't get a broken nose.

    I envision tons of feathers floating in the air. but, I guess they really don't make a lot of feather pillows anymore.

    Hope you had a good time.

    Special K

  • DireStraitJacket

    It was fun!!! didn't see to many feathers flying around, other than the odd terrified bird.

    just imagine large chunks of foam flying around... and mass confusion

    btw the nose is ok

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