CDC: 36,000 people in US will die from killer virus before next summer!!!

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  • Elsewhere

    If you thought the terrorist act on Sept 11, 2001 that killed 3000 people was bad... just wait until this killer virus is released onto the population... and the CDC says that it WILL happen and there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop it!

    That's right... every year 20,000 to 36,000 people die from the flu. If terrorists were to kill as many people with a virus the world would be outraged... markets would crash... and countries would go to war.

    So get your FLU SHOT to help prevent the common flu from spreading through the population!

  • dorothy

    Scary! Although I heard last year that the flu shot developed was ineffective against the particular strain that was going around.

  • Simon

    I think a greater danger is the threat of new strains of flu, most likely bird-flu. Normal flu will still kill a lot of people - many will be old or ill.

    For all the killing, deaths from wars and money spent on anti-terrorism, the biggest killer is disease. Look at the deaths caused by spanish flu?!

    What is more frightening is that with globalisation a pandemic could cover the globe in days or less.

  • dorothy

    I have been told that almost every generation in history has experienced some sort of horrid epidemic. I can only hope that we have advanced enough that we could prevent / contain / generally keep under control anything that would come about in our day.

  • Scully

    What pisses me off about the flu shot is that it is developed to protect against strains of the virus that were active a year earlier... not for the strain that is a current threat.

    Hospital personnel are required to have the shot unless there is a compelling reason for them to not have it. Every single year I've had the flu shot, I come down with some gastro-nasty bug for about a week. Before becoming a nurse, I rarely got sick.

    Wouldn't it just be the perfect terrorist target to develop a "flu shot" that made hospital personnel sick and disabled them, and then unleash it onto the general population, when the human resources of the hospitals are tapped out?

    In 20 years' time, I wonder how many RNs and MDs who have had regular flu shots every year are going to see a very negative outcome from all the years of being compelled by their employment contracts to be guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies that develop the flu shots?

    Love, Scully

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    the flu??!!!

    What about Cancer? Aids?

    At least Aids is preventable; but Cancer seems to be EVERYWHERE. I am less concerned about the flu and seem to know an unusual amount of people who are fighting cancer or who have already lost the battle.

    There is no cure.

  • Elsewhere
    What about Cancer? Aids?

    Sadly an enormous amount of resources are being directed toward terrorism in order to save just a few lives compared to how many die from more common and preventable causes.

  • truthseeker1

    Hey, if we all stopped dying, then the world will be overpopulated. That will cause global food shortages on an even larger scale. OK, joking aside.

    The general population feels more at risk of terrorism than of disease, so thats what the govt will spend its money on instead of finding a cure for the real problems. They feel helpless against a disease, but once they put a target on 'the bad guy' and pull the trigger, they get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

  • Mary
    Simon said: What is more frightening is that with globalisation a pandemic could cover the globe in days or less

    Did anyone see that movie Lara Croft: Cradle of Life? There's an evil scientist (naturally) who wants to find Pandora's Box, open it and get rid of 99% of the world's population while giving an antidote to a selective few, like scientists, heads of State, heads of corporations, etc. so that he can re-populate the world with just the "desireables". I'm just wondering when some lunatic is actually going to try something like this; obviously not with Pandora's Box, but with a deadly disease that could wipe us all out..........oh wait! I forgot! Armageddon will do the same thing according to the Watchtower.

  • Scully


    Not to dismiss the seriousness of AIDS or cancer at all... but the general impression regarding influenza is that it is so "trivial" that it's not worth bothering with is precisely what would make it such a potentially lethal illness to use as a terrorist threat. So many people dismiss "flu-like symptoms" as not even being worthy of a visit to their doctors, especially when we have been conditioned to wait-and-see if things get worse or to try and ride it out. Certainly, a gun shot wound or a fractured leg or motor vehicle accident rates higher in the ER than a possible case of the flu (and we ALL know this, which is why we tend to wait it out).... but what if it turns into bacterial meningitis? or haemorrhagic fever?

    It takes YEARS for someone to die from AIDS. Malignancies also take time to develop to the point where symptoms become alarming enough to seek medical attention. It can take less than a week for someone to die from influenza. Look at how devastating SARS was: even nurses and physicians who followed the safety protocols to protect themselves from contracting SARS ended up dying from SARS. And SARS, too, started out with flu-like symptoms...

    "The Flu" isn't a rinky-dink illness to be trifled with. It is a killer.

    Love, Scully

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