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  • wednesday
    A cousin of mine was raised JW. His parents, friends, wife, and children,
    and it seemed, everything he knew, were all JW. He decided that he no longer
    wanted to be JW. He was no longer allowed contact with his wife or children.
    His former friends wouldn't associate with him. Several months later, he
    killed himself.
    This came from a medical mailing list I'm on. I have given out a lot of links to these professionals and advised them about the threat hanging over any JWS medical professional if they give blood/ and the threat to any jws should they decide they want to take blood. and about the confusion among jws about blood and also as you see we discussed DF and sometimes awful consequences of it. I gave them many links and hopefully some will follow up .I told them they may be the person that can help discover child molestation. So be on lthe look out for it among JWS, and spousal abuse too. I also hit hard on lthe child abuse and spousal abuse dirty little secrets. I wish I could do more, but we all in what every area of our life we can, can do something to expose JWS for what they are.
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  • seattleniceguy

    Good work, Wednesday, in publicizing this terrible effect of the shunning policy.

    The really insane thing is that most Witnesses would probably turn a cold eye on accounts such as this, calling it retribution from God or some other such heartless thing. Shunning hurts everyone.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I really wish the mainstream media would pick up on the shunning issue and how disasterous it is to families. I think the suicides expose would be as big as the child abuse issue a year or two ago.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    It's True Good for you my Dear. BUMPERSTICKERS Let the truth be known let it be shown.

  • wednesday

    Danny, u are one of my fav protestors, Corvin too.

    I am home a lot.. So I use what avenue I have, the computer. So I belong to a lot of mailing lists. I find a way to bring it up without being overbearing.

    I quess this would have been called "telephone witnessing" if I were a JWS. Putting in my time.

  • gespro

    Hey there Wednesday

    Recently I've been taking advantage of exposing the JWcult for what it is whenever I'm involved in a spirituality discussion. I used to cringe whenever anyone would say negative things about the society long after I was out! I can't believe how hardcore I was when defending them. Now I can't wait to tell anybody with ears to stay away from such an abusive organization!

    I'm with ya

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