jw invests $$$$$$$$$ and time into opening a gay bar/rest.

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    a few years ago my brother in law a chef, was looking into opening a gay bar /restraurant. non jw .. my dad a total wt zombie was helping him out looking for a place, speaking with landlords, atty's etc. this went on for about 2 years. what i did know at first was this was to be a GAY HANGOUT. and just fround out that my jw dad gave him $70,000 to help him open this gay club. and they lost a bunch of $$$$$$ to some scam lawyers and landlords, trying to get a lease. my question is not only did my jw dad use his whole life savings (thaqt is to be split 5 ways) but what kind of a christian (who acts holier than thou) doing getting involved in a gay homosexual enterprise? with my big mouth and a fews of my sisters calling the kh lets see if dad gets df'ed?

  • czarofmischief

    Why be a dick about it ? The guy already lost his cash.


  • sf
    Why be a dick about it

    Was this an intended pun?

    Yea johnny, what part of "WE ARE NO PART OF THIS SICK, WICKED SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION" didn't your Dad grasp back then?


  • Scully


    they lost a bunch of $$$$$$ to some scam lawyers

    and giving the money to the WTS would be different... how???

    Maybe your dad and brother in law had a Master Plan to see how many JWs would come in and try to pick up dates in their gay bar / restaurant... and then rat them out to the Elders?. That is probably the only excuse that would keep them out of trouble.

    The other possibility is that your brother in law misrepresented the venture to your dad, and left out the "this will be a gay club" part. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be the first time a naive JW has been taken advantage of and lost their life savings, and it won't be the last time either.

    Personally, I wouldn't involve the Elders? at all... it would just give them ego stroking to think that I regarded them as any sort of authority figure. The most I would do would be to ask the entrepreneurs if they thought this kind of venture would have Jehovah's Approval?, and in pursuing it, did they feel any twinges of hypocrisy??

    Love, Scully

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