Does anyone know anything ?

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  • The rock
    The rock

    Does anyone know anything about the book '' angels and woman'' Do U have any information about it. As I heard someone say that it involved spiritualism. Thanks friends


  • kls

    I know nussing.

  • Brummie

    Yes I have the book, it was endorsed by the Watchtower and sold through its pages. It was written by someone going into a trance and being given the writings by an "angel". I forget what they call it now, possesion?


  • VM44

    Ken Raines wrote an article about the book:

    and you can buy a reprint of it at Amazon


  • bizzy

    Just wanted to set the record straight about the Angels and Women book, so please pay attention and don't get sidetrack from what I'm presenting to you by listening to second and third hand gossip, from people who have no clue!

    I'm the one who took the original AW book and republished it and I should know whats going on with it.

    The AW book was IMO revised by a member of the WT organization back in the early 1900's which I believe was Edward Brenisen, pretty sure that is his first name.

    I could be wrong, but the facts so far lead to him.

    He was Brother Russels right hand man during the early 1900' s and possible successor to him when Russell died.

    That is another story in itself, why that didn't happen, and how Rutherford got control of the WT away from the board of directors.

    Brenisen was overseeing the printing of all WT books before they started doing the work themselves in the early 1920's.

    So pretty much he was the Liason for the WTS and the Conkey Company, who actually did the printing of the books.

    Sometime in 1920 the WT learned the ropes in the printing business and took over the book printing process themselves which saved them quite a bit of money.

    I believe that Mr. Brenisen still overseeyed the printing when the WT took control of it.

    Edward Brenisen was married to his wife Edith and they lived in Holliston Massachusetts in a yr that I'm not to sure of, but they resided there quite a while until the time I came in contact with the AW book, which was 1978.

    I never met Edward because he died yrs before I came into contact with Edith.

    Edith attended the Framingham, Mass congregation and was of course of the "Anointed" and was more or less a loner in the congregation.

    My wife and I were asked to provide some home care for Edith, being that she was in her 90's and we gladly accepted before she moved to New York to be with her niece.

    As we were helping her clean out the house I came upon a box of books which were entitled Angels And Women, she said I could have them and I gladly took them home. This is one of the reasons why I feel Edward Brenisen was the original revisor, he had a whole box of the books!

    Usually people who write a book have a good supply on hand, does that sound reasonable?

    These books were in a box that were never opened and were of a royal blue color and real gold lettering.

    The publishing date on the book was 1924, so I now had in my possession a dozen or so pristine AW books which I stupidly threw out all but two of them, not really knowing how valuable these books would be or what the story was about.

    Come to find out that the AW book was a revision of the 1878 book Seola, Written by Mrs. J.G. Smith of St. Albans Vermont, which again is another story in itself. See link below.

    I eventually read the AW book and really enjoyed it, and thought it would be a good book to republish for others like minded to read and enjoy.

    An original 1924 version of the AW book would be a rare book for people to find in any condition today.

    So in 1997 I republished the book and made the book availiable to JW's and others interested in it through several of the JW web sites.

    Many copies were sold and the book has been ordered from interested ones all over the world. Those who have read it have written to me and said how thankful they are for a chance to read it.

    The reason for the revising the 1924 AW book book was because the book was written in older archaic English, and there were many cross references to older WT publications which I felt were no longer needed, not many Jw's would have the older WT books anyway.

    I also didn't want people to know about the link to the WT because I felt it might prejudice non Jw's from reading the book.

    So I republished basically the story without all the fluff.

    In the yr 2000 I republished the book again but this time through an internet publisher, and the book is now available through all the major book publishers. This version has a nicer cover and larger printing.

    It now has a legitimate IBSN Number 0595005160, and you can use that number to do a quick search for it, on these book sites.

    There are those that think the book is connected with Spiritism and this is not true, for in the original Seola book Mrs. Smith says how she came about being inspired to write it and she mentions nothing about being in touch with or speaking with outside spirit forces.

    I personally feel this is pure baloney, to keep the Jw's from reading the book because some things written in the book would make the WT look bad today if people had the book to read. If you read the book you will see what I'm talking about.

    The only thing thats mentioned about Mrs. Smith inspiration is she was listening to some nice music, which seems harmless enough to me.

    You have to remember the WT approved of the AW book and made it available through the Awake magazine and other means of advertisemnent at the time so they were quite commited to the story.

    At one time it was in all the Bethel libaries, not to sure if it is there any longer. They might of pulled it out because of me.

    If you want to read the story of Mrs. Smith the originator of the Seola book check this link out here, this pretty much explains where this book has taken me in my research today. I don't make any mention of the WTS in this article and that's why I'm posting this thread here because it will make more sense to those with a Jw background.

    The big mystery is still, who was the original revisor of the 1878 Seola book? I'm still opened to any reasonable explanations.

    I still feel it was Edward Brenisen.

    I have since republished the original 1878 Seola book and that is now available for people to read if they want to see the differences in the two books.

    To find it go to and that should bring it up for you.

    This copy has information on Mrs Smith and some of here other writings all in one book.

    I hope all this has been beneficial for those seriously interested in the who, what, where, and why's of the Angels and Women book, and if you have any more questions please feel free to email me.

    By the way its a great story and all Jw's will find it entertaining and faith strenghtening.

    I'm now involved in researching more about Mrs. J.G. Smith and that is my next venture. I've already visited her home town of St. Albans been to ther grave and have pictures of it. I'm just scratching the surface of that story, and would like to find the link between her and the WT if there is one.

    Any help in my research on Mrs. Smith and the book Seola would be very much appreciated.


    Jim Rizoli

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  • Xandria

    Is this where the story about Giants came from ? Where the angels saw the women.. and took them as wives...etc.


  • bizzy


    Yes it is.

    Its based on the Bible account in Genesis Chapters 6-9

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Nice story Jim. Kinda makes me wanna go out and by it out of curiousity. Nice tout.

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