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  • conoroberst


    I am an active (but leftfield) JW, who visits here periodically, one of the things that I have never understood is certain posters assertions that the WTBTS is a money making scheme.

    I was just wondering where these people think the money goes, has anyone here ever seen as ostentatious elder (in full time service) or GB member, or anyone who relies on the WTBTS for their income with a Rolex on?

    I havent, any elders or COs I have met with wealth are from their careers before going full time....all these people who quote the society's $1bn turnover seem to think some people are asking it in, if you do the math $1bn split between 6m supporters is really not much at all...

    allll I would say is, show me the money :)



  • conoroberst

    ps... meant raking it in not asking it in..

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Try looking in here

    The Best of... WTS Finances

    And the vast majority of that money will never bee seen or known about by the 6million JWs

  • dustyb

    .......the money is in real estate slick. when you try to make money it takes it to make it. the WT isn't very good at making an exessive amount of money for a profit because they have some of the MOST expensive real estate pieces in New York and all around the world. Plus they print off a world record amount of Watchtower and Awake magazines, the most distributed religous magazine ever. paper ain't that cheap. they gotta buy the rainforests that they cut down to supply people with their false information. so the money's there, its just being used to make a bigger and better "jehover headquarters" constantly....

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