How do you dissuade helpful witnesses?

by Tim Horton 1 Replies latest jw friends

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    For those that have done the fade and had one or more "concerned" witnesses trying to keep in contact and/or study with you, what have you done to dissuade these helpful ones from bugging you while keeping any apostate red flags from popping up in their minds? (as this may only serve to increase their interest in you and initiate inquiries into your true beliefs)

  • SAHS

    You could turn it around and ask them some subtle yet poignant questions to get them thinking.

    Perhaps tell them, ?Incidentally, the other day I just happened to come across an interesting news article in one of those ?offbeat? areas of the news about . . . [find an online article about recent JW scandals involving pedophilia, abuse, blood, fraud, murder, etc.], and show them a printout.

    If they ask if the article is from ?apostates,? just tell them, ?No, it?s from a legitimate news service.? (Just be sure to print out any such article directly from the original news Web site, and not from any copied into a posting on a Web site like this one!) If they suspiciously question you about it, then just turn it around and ask them, ?Well, what do you think about it?,? and just leave it at that. Don?t indicate what you really think about whatever article you use as an exposé (not until you?re ready), but for now just give them a little ?food for thought,? and say, ?I?m not really sure what to think about it. What do you think??

    If they?re honest and open-minded, then they will no-doubt investigate the subject further for themselves. If not, then just keep showing them news articles from unbiased, respectable sources exposing the JWs for what they are, or even get your hands on a videotape of segments on shows such as Dateline NBC, until they are, in fact, dissuaded from trying to keep giving you such ?helpfulness.?

    There?s nothing like a hard-hitting exposé of a news article to break the ice and give people something revealing to ?chew on?!


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