Conversate is not a word

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  • dh

    what's the story here then, LOL!

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    there are always those who seek to force others to follow rules they agree with... but there is also the debate that languages are living things and dictionaries are not law, but catalogues of common usage.... there are many who use the word conversate does that make them wrong? in their world everyone they know uses it, so who is to say THEY are wrong? by what rule, what law? appealing to the dictionary does not work in living languages, only dead ones.

    not too long ago people in scholarly circles agreed that the infamous double negatives were now ok...because when people use them their victim knows what they mean..and that is the root of language, not picky laws or rules, but conveying intention by triggering shared experiences.

    school marms will demand the use of proper english forever...but that does not stop language from changing, especially vibrant languages like english which began as a german dialect.

  • Pole

    Resistance to language change is futile.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    (edited because I just looked up the word "condensate" and it really is in the dictionary!) Oops! I didn't think it was.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Alot of those old farm ladies used to get cases of the "vapors" or the "dropsies" ... although I have no clue what either is! I've heard a few people use "conversate." Have also heard the word NUCULAR. Ack! Lanuguage changes so much, and I wouldn't be surprised if it one day appears in the dictionary as an alternate form of converse. It actually makes more sense. Then converse can be what it was really meant to be:



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