Have you ever attended a Gilead Graduation? Your experiences...

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  • truthseeker

    Recently, some friends from a nearby congregation were telling me their experience of attending a Gilead Graduation. Now, I don't pay much attention to these graduations anyway, save for the fact that they print a class photo 3 times a year in the Watchtower.

    But, these friends were smiling and looked positively awed at attending such a Special Event.

    The wise, winsome words of the GB evoke feelings of awe and wonder for some of these attendees.

    Did any of you here ever attend one, or know someone that did?

  • Dogpatch

    I attended the one in 1975 when I was at Bethel. It was the best one ever, since Fred Franz did his famous "weeks or months" til Armageddon speech! 3000 people heard it! Then he goes on to fry the idea of a Governing Body, because Knorr never wanted one, and disliked the arrangement. Shorlty thereafter Knorr died.



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