Mad elder with weapons!

by villastu 2 Replies latest jw experiences

  • villastu

    Just thought i'd share this with u all, a mate of mine ex-jw had to split a bitch fight up in his house between his sister and his mates girlfriend who lives next door, both ex jw's, he ended up makin this girl leave his house using the necessary force, about an hour later her dad turns up with a hammer and a large metal bar, threatening to beat him up and get them evicted from there flat, this man, only a respected elder of the local congregation. great christian attitude. these jw's think they know whats right for you when they can't even deal with there own domestic prob's without violence. V. Christian.

  • Brummie
    her dad turns up with a hammer and a large metal bar

    Darn! What happened to the good ole days when elders used to turn up with the Watchtower and awake. Must be a sign of the end. Hope he got arrested the twit.

  • villastu

    police did turn up on the mad girl's request, she forgot to mention her violent weapon bearing father tho. Mate's girl is pregnant and distressed also.

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