Christ returned "invisibly" in 1914. ........ What proof?

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  • hubert

    The Watchtower says Christ returned in 1914, but "invisibly". If so, how do they know He returned?

    Did Christ leave them a note?

    Did the Elders have "special" glasses to see Him?

    What kind of proof do they offer to substantiate this claim?


  • Gopher
    The Watchtower says ...

    And so it HAS to be true. They wouldn't put a single word in their magazines without substantation.


  • Kenneson

    I like Ray Franz's comment on this topic in Crisis of Conscience, page 183:

    "An 'invisible presence' is a very difficult thing to argue against or disprove. It is something like having a friend tell you that he knows that a dead parent invisibly visits him and comforts him, and then trying to prove to your friend that this is not really so."

  • VM44

    I think the WT said once that they "saw" Christ's invisibly return in 1914 through "eyes of understanding."

    This means that whatever explaination the WT comes up with to provide an "understanding" or interpretation of something, is at the same time the PROOF that something happened!

    The "evidence" and "physical facts" that the Watchtower claims as "undisputable" proof, come down to nothing more than circular reasoning!


  • Farkel

    : Christ returned "invisibly" in 1914. ........ What proof?

    Da proof is same as the return in 1914: invisible.

    (Bible-Based, of course)

    Invisible proof is the ultimate con. The claim is absolutely true, but the evidence for the claim is invisible.

    Truth, justice and a guide path for humans is therefore invisible. The way to salvation is invisible. We live in a visible world where the information we need and the evidence we crave is invisible. I have a headache......(An invisible headache, of course. I know how to play this game.)

    Farkel who knows that 6 million invisible purple and orange Unicorns guides and directs his words and thoughts and they come from God Himself, who is also invisible and Jesus, who is also invisible........

  • hubert

    Maybe someday the Watchtower organization will become invisible.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Well whatever is being offered up to us as such, should meet this exacting criterion from our former Prime Minister Jean Chretien:

    What kind of a proof? It's a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's because it's proven.

    Wait a minute... this quote...millions of dollars unaccounted for...Is he a GB/Sith paduan?

  • BeelzeDub

    When the elders come a knocking, wanting to know when I will return to the meetings, I will tell them, I have returned a long time ago, I was just invisiable just like Jesus' return in 1914.

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    because the pseudo-prophet, aka God's channel of communcation to the human race, aka the faithless and disruptive slave, aka C.T. RUSSELL said so... and if he was wrong, he would be a false prophet. and a false prophet he could not be. so in order to remain a true "prophet among them" the brooklyn lawyers had to make it something that was still true, but different. and then, luckily for them, "coming" in greek also means "presence" YAY!!!!!!!!!

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