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    This morning I came across this quote from the famous Jewish Talmudic scholar Maimonides:

    Repentance means that the sinner forsake his sins, cast them out of his mind, and resolve in his heart to sin no more.

    - Maimonides, "Yad: Teshuba," 1180

    Notice the contrast between the Watchtower Society brand presciption of proper "Bible-based" repentance and the wisdom of the Jewish rabbi. Rather than have one's sins constantly put before him/her by being required to attend meetings, not participate, sit at the back, enter and leave without causing undue attention, and waiting for a tribunal to decide the length of this public humiliation, as is the Watchtower way, all that G-d requires is that the sinner be sorry and "resolve in his heart to sin no more." He is to "cast them out of his mind," not beat himself up over the errors of his ways, but move on, striving to do better. (How very humane!)

    I just wish that all DF'd or publicly reproved JWs would refuse to play their game. The organization is NOT God's representatives, let alone the Almighty Herself. And their practices amount to emotional abuse which should be roundly condemned and unadhered to, for where is the love?


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