Let's say "Bob" is the guy at Bethel who . . .

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  • pennycandy

    . . . opens and sorts the incoming mail. Having done this in past jobs, I know you can learn a lot about a company by its mail. I imagine Bob makes a stack of bills, a stack of personal correspondance, a stack of literature orders, questions from readers, etc. He also may make a stack of disassociation letters, a stack of threatening letters, a stack of requests for interviews from the media, a stack from lawyers informing them of intent to sue. Oh, don't forget the biggest pile . . . the contributions. What other stacks might he make?

    The comment recently made about disassociation letters not being read made me wonder whose job it would be, and what gets tossed in the trash.

  • Quotes

    The stack of Judge orders for Discovery demanding all documents related to (case X).

    Of course, that stack is expedited, so the legal department can get a head start on the appropriate shredding operation.

    ~Quotes, of the "Yes, I think they *ARE* in contempt of court" class

  • Elsewhere

    Sometimes I wonder if the incoming mail readers read the entire DA letters or if they just read enough to understand that it is a DA letter.

    One thing that must be remembered is that once a person is thoroughly indoctrinated they will scoff at anything negative about their religion.

  • Euphemism

    I imagine that like any effective administrative employees, the Bethel correspondence handlers only scan the mail enough to know how to process/forward it; they certainly aren't going to sit reading it in depth.

    And I believe that DA letters, like all correspondence received by the Society, is filed. I imagine they would also pass it on to the elders in the congregation of the writer, if it is identified. I know that is what they do with doctrinal letters, and DA letters would seem to be more important since they involve "judicial action".

  • jgnat

    How about "Jane" who files all this stuff? She would have time to read the interesting ones. I wonder if "Jane" lurks here on her off hours?

  • Preston
    What other stacks might he make?

    Well, more than likely, "Bob" has the enviable position of being the person who is receving more letters, with questions about sex, than both Playboy and Penthouse combined.....and that a few of them came from Terry's wife...LOL

  • dorothy

    stacks of porn

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