An Interesting Statistic!

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  • metatron

    In a public talk, a brother stated that in a recent year the organization in the US would have had a 3 % increase

    but only reported a 1 % increase because of the large number of disfellowshippings ( i.e. 2%). Since he has a son

    in Bethel long term, I thought his factoid might be credible.

    Think about it....

    This would help explain why they are so persistent about visiting df'd folks and getting them back.

    It would be quite a crisis to be disfellowshipping people TWICE as fast as their net increase!


  • Farkel

    So the revolving "out" door is revolving twice as fast in the revolving "in" door in the US now!

    To make matters worse, nearly all of that 1% growth rate represents children of current JWs, and the majority of them bolt the religion as soon as they are of majority age.


  • jschwehm

    We can only hope that this trend continues!!!!

    Jeff S.

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