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  • Nat-Oz

    Man they are cunning little people - they make you drop everything that is good and normal in your life, make you turn against your family and friends, then build you up to think you are wonderful, then once you leave them, you are left in limbo with nothing for you either side of the fence. I feel numb and really have no trust in anyone now.

  • candidlynuts

    hugs nat.. its the time in your life that you have to learn to trust in yourself.

    its kind of the hardest thing i've ever had to do. i have a brain , i know i am a good person and i know that theres more to life than filling out a time card .

    you can do it. once you learn to believe in yourself, open up for new experiences and new people . things will look better.

    its not just a saying that when one door closes another opens . thats real life. i've pretty much decided i'm on the greatest adventure of my life finding out who i am after being a jw for almost 40 yrs. in 3 yrs i've learned what friends are, how to be a friend and how to put people who hurt me out of my line of vision. its their loss.

    if your speaking of trusting in religion then remember we are to trust in God not religion. if you want to be closer to god read your bible. pray and put all the YOU MUST DO THIS jw stuff behind you.

  • ballistic

    We're here with you from the UK - been there, got the tee-shirt.

  • hubert

    I agree with Candid...It's their loss. I don't know if you were in another religion before you got involved with the Watchtower. If you were, you must notice that the j.w.'s removed that trust, also. As for friends, now you will have a chance to find TRUE friends, in time. I was never in the org., so I can't say how long that takes, but I hope it is a very short time. Anyway, what I'm also trying to say is, don't lose trust in all people. You've been burnt by the Watchtower, and you don't want to get burnt again. Time heals. Things will definitely get better as time goes on. Keep your chin up.


  • Logicandreason

    They were never your freinds to begin with. To hell with em. Trust me, you did yourself a favor. Now you are a free minded, evil, apostate like us. Heh heh heh.

  • Nat-Oz

    Thanks guys, i was only studying with them, i left them months and months ago, but i just get down sometimes and reading posts on here really upsets me as it is astonishing how many people have been affected by them.

    Am really sad for everyone else more than myself.

  • Preston

    Hi Nat, and welcome to the board,

    I guess FMZ's post kind of helped me put things in perspective about "loving" Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses are the ones who are spiritually sick and friendless and lacking. You were lucky to have never have had the deal with making a commitement, doubting your decision years (even decades) later, and being chastised for finding something better.

  • Carmel

    You will learn to trust again, but you will have a healthy skepticism.. comes with being burnt once..


  • D.O.X.

    "then once you leave them, you are left in limbo with nothing for you either side of the fence"

    Hi Nat!

    that is exactly how I have felt...even tho I was only raised jw in early childhood,("train up a child...") I have felt that there was "nothing" for me either. You know, cause ALL the other churches were EVIL. I just knew when I started going to church, I was going to find "demons" in the basement and was actually afraid to go down there alone without a light. (and I was an adult!) Guess I've been in denial, (my usual way of coping with EVERYTING), that because I was only exposed for a relatively short time, that it did not affect me.



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