JW stabbing 80 times

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    Never suggest gay sex for a newly converted JW who's been grown up as a Muslim. One landlord in Graz, Austria did this and received 80 to 85 stabs. Furthermore, his thumb was cut off and put into his mouth. Now this stabber is facing 20 years in prison.


    Could somebody translate this? Babelfish turned it into Gibberish.

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    This is what Lycos comes up with when translating, it's not great but it gives an idea of the text. It looks to me like someone was trying to force something on this guy and he stabbed them. If that's the case then it's fair enough and if someone was trying to abuse this guy and he stabbed them to death I don't think he should be found guilty and sentenced to 20 years as this document says happened, that is injustice.


    Graz - a 25-year old Turk became on Thursday in the Grazer punishing national court of a juror senate (presidency: Wolfgang Wladkowski) because of murder to 20 years detention condemns. The young man had also killed previous yearly a Grazer pensionists in November over 80 measurer passes and had afterwards mutilated the corpse. As motive for its "blood intoxication" it called sexual encroachments of the 58-jährigen. The judgement is not valid.

    Alcohol problem

    Abdurrahim P. lived for two years in Graz and also from the Islam to the witnesses Jehovas had gone over here. "At that time he began to drink substantial. Before it alcohol for religious reasons forbidden had been", described Anklägerin Barbara of words. When it could not remain longer in the Caritas home, it found with Bernd A. Unterschlupf. The 58-jährige pensionist had let asylum solicitors live already several times with itself.

    Which happened at the act night, could be only partially reconstructed. Fact is that both Bernd A. and Abdurrahim P. were drunk. The pensionist is to have set itself to the young man on the bed and have demanded with reproached measurer Sex. The accused resisted, and in the course of a fight A. was hurt and fell to soil. There the fuses obviously blew with the 25-year old according to Staarsanwaeltin: It is to have seized and on at the soil the lying have in-stung several measurers again and again. Altogether there was according to forensic pathologist 80 to 85 pass wounds. Three measurers remained being in the corpse, whom the presumed author also still mutilated, in whom it cut a thumb off and which dead ones into the mouth put.

    "Not guiltily"

    "I purged apparent into a blood intoxication", meant the accused, who did not feel guilty. "The man, who sits there, is not a murderer", meant its defender. P. had already slept according to own data, when the older man began its sexual encroachments. "It originates from a small village and was never confronted with such things", tried the defender to explain, why its mandator had released in such a manner. With its first examinations it had concealed the sexual encroachments: "I have myself genius ore", read the explanation of the 25-year old.

    The Kriminalpsychologe Thomas Mueller the procedure of the author regarding the unusually high number of passes and the following mutilating explained as "acts, which go beyond pragmatic use, because they satisfy a personal need". Everything that happened beyond the procedureprocedure procedure, could be seen as attempt of the Depersonifizierung and thus the dissociation of the author from its act.

    The jurors found the accused unanimously guilty. The court imposed a punishment of 20 years. The accused one of considering time, the state attorney did not request made a declaration.

    Article of 09.09.2004 |apa |CH

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    Whoa mama! Will this encourage other drunken "authors" of serial crimes to become dubs? Clearly he had found the right religion .

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