Electronic Download- Crisis of Conscience?

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  • 2evil

    Is there anywhere I can buy an electronic download of Crisis of Conscience? I would have a hard time reading this in book form since I'm rarely alone and I really can't read it at work. Thanks.

  • Celia

    this question comes up a few times a year on this board.... No, there is no electronic download, as far as I know. Here is someone else asking if CoC is on the net to read...


    Buy the book (only ca. $ 12) spend 1/2 hour or so every other day in the public library and read it.... (say you're doing research, for school, for work or whatever...)

  • Motema Bolingo
    Motema Bolingo

    Hello Celia,

    Nice to hear you again


  • Celia

    Jacques, old friend....

    I am sorry I haven't contacted you for sooooo long. J'avais dit que je traduirais un autre article pour ton site internet. Et je ne l'ai pas fait... J'ai de bonnes excuses, mais ce n'est pas une excuse... Lequel etait-ce ? Je vais t'envoyer un e-mail avec plus de details.


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