Is it selfishness?

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  • Purza

    So my fiancée told me about a movie last night where during the Nazi regime in Germany this woman was given a choice to choose one parent to live and the other one to die. If she failed to make a choice, both of her parents would die. (I think the movie was Sophie's Choice -- I didn't see it so I am not 100% sure I got it right). Anyway, I made the comment to my fiancee that I would let both of my parents die. I said it in a joking/sarcastic/painful manner because I am dead to my parents -- they do not speak to me even though I am not DF'd. I do not exist to them anymore. I think my anger was coming out in my comment.

    My fiancee chuckled and understood where I was coming from and said something like "yeah, I guess I could see you doing that". Then I said "isn't it sad that even though both of my parents are still living they have rejected me due to a religion?"

    And then he made an interesting statement. He said that my parents were being selfish in not speaking with me because they want to live forever and if it takes disowning their only daughter then they would do it. Of course, this reasoning is only correct in their own minds.

    I thought that was an interesting point of view and I never thought of disfellowshipping like that (selfishness). I always thought it was because people were brainwashed. Could there be more to it?

    What do you think about the selfishness comment?


  • kwintestal

    I'd say it was the brainwashing. They're programed to be unselfish.


  • Satanus

    I say it's more brainwashing than selfishness. For me, there was fear involved as well, when i was around dfd people. I did talk to them sometimes, but i felt a fear, not sure of what, maybe of breaking a taboo. Not god iether. Maybe fear of displeasing the wt hierarchy.


  • Purza

    But do you think that people would be a JW if they didn't get something out of it? I mean how many people would attend all those meetings and go out in service in they didn't have the goal of living forever? These are just general statements of course.

    And the ironic thing is -- people who leave the org. are called selfish because they want to live life on their own terms.

    I guess you can't win. LOL


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