Are you df'ed? Just say HI to them!

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  • Jez

    I have a new resolve. It is not I who is bound by borg rules any longer, so why do I not speak to ppl I have known my whole life. I live in a small town and regularly see JW old friends. I have decided to start to say HI rather than buy into the whole thing and "they ignore me so I will ignore them." I find that often df'ed ones still follow the rules of df'ing by not talking or saying hi to JW's. Hell, LET them ignore you. THEY will be uncomfortable. Honestly, it is very fun and it alieviates some of the feeling of isolation and shows them who is really acting like a Christian, puts responsibility on their shoulders AND hopefully helps them see how silly it is to ignore me. I won't HELP them anymore in their efforts to forget I exist. I WON"T act guilty anymore!!!!!!!!!!! Real examples I have done: I will do more as well.

    Saw older lady from cong so said, "Hi...(name)! You are looking well, glad to see it!" She smiled at me and I took my leave smiling.

    Passed teenager on field, no one else around, I said, "Hi there (name)" He ignored me. I said under my breath, "How rude" and kept walking.

    Saw old best friend at garage sale...I said, "Hi (name)! Boy your kids are growing!" She smiled and said, "So are yours." I took my leave.

  • ozziepost


    Absolutely, there's no need to play their games. Mrs Ozzie and I do the same as you. We feel that if we didn't we'd only be recognising the borg's shunning policies but as it is, we have no reason to shun people, so we don't.

    If we did shun them in return, we'd only be validating their actions.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Jez

    Perfectly stated Ozzie!!!! Funny but it takes a long time to realize and accept that, it is only through this forum, and time, that I am realizing what I can do to reclaim many personal freedoms that I never realized I had.

  • garybuss

    I have had some fun with the Witness people in restaurants. I wait till they order and their food comes, then I go over and sit at their table and start a friendly conversation with them. Small talk. I want to see if they will eat. The elders all eat. None of the non elders eat when I am there. I have stayed till I am sure their meal is cold. One one asked me to leave their table. Figure that one out.

    You are so right. The shunning order applies to THEM, but NOT to me:-) Their shunning practice is almost like an eating disorder. How can eating food be a religious activity? Anybody know? GaryB

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