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  • Soledad

    Information uncovered in early 1999 now shows that TWA Flight 800 could have been shot down by one or more shoulder-fired missiles. The FBI was briefed by military missile experts in the Fall of 1996 that Flight 800 was well within the range of a shoulder fired missile. The FBI conducted a covert dredging operation for stinger missile parts between November 1996 and April 1997. CDR. Donaldson brought this new evidence to the House Aviation Subcommittee in testimony on May 6, 1999. Unfortunately, the major media and the Congress are content to swallow the official line without question.

    knowing what we know now, is this theory plausible?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    knowing what we know now, is this theory plausible?

    Very plausible. I think everyone would rather let sleeping dogs lie.

  • meggidon555

    yeah if you know anything about fuel tanks you know that it's impossible for one to blow

    A simple trade school course would teach you why

    sparks happen all the time inside fuel tank with the pumps start but there is no oxygen present to cause

    an explosion

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