Wisconsin Man Throws Baby Out of Car

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  • Stefanie

    Watch Police Video of Chase

    GREEN BAY, Wis. (Sept. 14) - A man threw his fiancee's 8-month-old daughter out of a car as he fled police after being accused of domestic violence, authorities said. The girl, strapped in a carseat, was unhurt but the man later was fatally injured in a crash.

    Dana Bettin, 23, died Sunday, three days after the dramatic highway chase that ended when he crashed his fiancee's car into an unoccupied squad car.

    At one point, he slowed down, opened the car door and dropped the baby in the car seat onto the highway, sending it tumbling toward the middle of the roadway.

    "As the baby was flying toward me I noticed that she was crying very hard and looked scared," Wisconsin State Patrol Sgt. David Catalano said Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show, which aired video of the incident.

    "Fortunately she was seat-belted into the child seat so that as it slid forward on the highway and then rolled over she escaped without any injuries," he said.

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    Sheriff's Sgt. Dan Pamenter told The Post-Crescent in Appleton that the man at first tried to put the baby out of the car on the shoulder, but the door car was in his way. He eventually pulled back into traffic and pushed the baby out as he was accelerating.

    "His car was jerking back and forth," Pamenter said. "I didn't know what he was doing. He seemed to care for the baby."

    "I was pretty certain he wasnt going to stop until he crashed," Pamenter said.

    The chase continued at speeds up to 100 mph.

    The pursuit ended on U.S. 41 when Bettin had a minor collision with a vehicle and then crashed into an unoccupied squad car. The car he was driving rolled over and he was pinned underneath. He died at a hospital in Green Bay.

    Catalano spoke to the baby's mother on Monday and said the girl is doing fine.

    "Her mother is very devastated about everything right now," he said. "It was her fiance involved and she's very upset."

    09/14/04 09:36 EDT

    This is very upsetting!

  • Valis

    He needs to go away for a good long while!


    District Ovebeer

  • kls

    Actually Valis he was killed in an accident running from the police and died of his injurys.

  • Sirona
    He died at a hospital in Green Bay.


    He is away I think.



  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Why did he take the baby?

  • Valis

    sorry. all I saw was Throws Baby Out of Car and that was enough for me..


    District Overbeer

  • Simon
    The girl, strapped in a carseat, was unhurt but the man later was fatally injured in a crash

    Hey, there may be a god after all !!

  • Stefanie

    I was thinking something like that too..

    I wonder if she would have survived the roll over is she had remained in the car...

    Its really sad all they way around...... I cant imagine the horror the baby must have felt..

  • Netty

    I wonder, if maybe the man knew things were going to end badly, sort of like a "suicide by cop" and wanted to get the baby out of the car, knowing the cops would be there (since they were chasing him) to help the baby. Ends up it ended in a very bad accident bad enough to where the man eventually died from his wounds, so maybe he knew the baby would have been badly hurt, if he had not been removed from the car. Since the guy slowed way down, maybe he could have been trying to save the baby?

  • Panda

    Why did he take his fiances car? Why did he take the baby?

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