Who's in the right and in the wrong?

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  • Yizuman
  • kwintestal

    Typical inexperenced rent-a-cop response. He over-reacted, and got himself into a position where he couldn't back down without taking action especially once the kids were on public property. Skateboarding is not a crime.

  • morty

    I could have not said it any better Kwintestal......."Skateboarding is not a crime"

    I have 2 boys that enjoy the sport very much.....They take alot of riff for it but I am there mother and I totally support what they do well. My personal feeling is that it is no diffrent then playing any other sport.

    My kids also snow board.It is the same deal here in our little town.If the kids are skatboarding some where where anyone feels they should'nt, you will hear the b$tch$n....

    That rent a cop should have been charged and had his toy badge taken away from...

  • Gadget

    The fault lies with the security people. Fair enough the kids shouldn't have been there, but that doesn't give him the right to assault them, which is what he did. The security person should have followed the proper company procedures, either following proper use of force techniques (Which he didn't), or not responded to the taunts and called the police to evict the kids. If the security company expected the guard to evict the kids without calling the police but did not provide him with the neccesary training to use force, then the fault would lie with the security company not the individual guard.

  • morty

    I could not have said it better Gadget!!

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