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  • Hondo

    What if the majority religion (I'm not sure I consider the Jehovah Witnesses a religion) in the world today were the Jehovah Witnesses? Instead of the Catholics let's say (I think the Catholics have around a billion or so). Imagine JW numbers at around one billion or two, or about 1/5 of the world population (boy, this is a sacry thought). What would the world by like?

    - Would door-to-door activity simply be overwhelming (hate to think about this).

    - How would the world economy be affected by the huge number of JW;s? Would the JW's be satisfied with mediocre jobs, creating less cash flow, because they, of course, know that the end of the world is just around the corner. Would they forgo, as they do somewhat now, college educations for the same reasons creating a JW society of undereducated.

    - How many deaths would there be because of their bizzare blood beliefs/policy. I would not like to imagine what this would be, especially among children. Instead of thousands, perhaps millions needlessly dead.

    - How many magazines would be printed/published? Billions vice Millions? Lot of dead trees.

    - Would Kindom Halls become cathedral size?

    - Would their end-of-times prediction tactics change. Lots of folks making lots of money...why would the JW's want end of the world to occur.

    Anyone else with thoughts/comments on this.


  • czarofmischief

    For them to grow, they'd have to adapt, like the Catholics did. Then they'd probably wind up looking not too different from the RC Church.

    But I get what you mean: it would be crazy. All the movies would be G. The porn industry would be underground, but booming. Nobody would take heroin, but everyone would drink themselves stupid.


  • sozz7

    i rekon there's some world domination plot going with them, if the numbers built upto that amount, i rekon over time the watchtower etc even their bible will slowely morph into telling people to go and buy guns and get ready to fight for ur new world, and there would be a sudden dooms day article, hypeing everyone up to go and finish off the evil worldly people.

  • kwintestal

    Prozzak would have been invented 1000 years ago.

  • Gadget
    Prozzak would have been invented 1000 years ago.

    ....but would only be available to witnesses on the black market. The education thing would not be an issue anymore because the excuses of not associating with worldly people would be gone, and the pressure to go on field service would be less too because there would be less people to preach to. Pioneering would be discouraged because that would take all the ministry up for yourself and not let others have a share. And kingdom halls would remain the size they are now because any larger would prove too difficult to control.

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