JWs will be visiting me at my new home!

by Nosferatu 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nosferatu

    My mother was telling me the other week about how they were out in FS, and my mother showed them my new house. I'm sure that it will be put on their territory.

    The thing is, I'll be nice to my mother if she comes to visit while she's out in FS. Maybe I'll offer a cup of coffee so she can waste her FS hours. Nothing like messing up the WT's reports!!!

    However, should other JWs besides my mother call on me, I'll be giving them a hard time.

    It seems like in all the previous places that I've lived, it never fails that a JW will call on me. Anyone else have this happen just because they're related to a JW?

  • kls

    Well my hubby being the JW he is , i have only had a few at my door in the past years and they all seem scared of me . I wonder why.

  • rekless

    no I haven't, but I've had yhemm march right pass my house as if there is a big sign saying, In this house lives an apostate. I have moved away from the location I dFed myself so there is no way that I could be known as an apostate. I guess just sloppy field service.

  • Odrade

    nope, they used to try and drop in all the time, but now that my family has moved back to the area, they haven't tried once. I guess the local JWs are just leaving it up to my family to re-convert me.

    (hmmm, reconvert. sounds like "reconstitute" isn't that what they do to white rice?-- and I wonder why no one gets my humor...)


  • Scully

    Yep. Within 2 days of moving into our new house, we had a visit. They said they were working the territory, but they visited during the late morning, which is usually reserved for Return Visits?. Being lied to pissed me off. Knowing that family members set it up pissed me off even more.

    Love, Scully

  • ezekiel3

    Don't forget to ask them my favorite questions!


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