Doom n' Gloom Exacts A Price

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  • metatron


    Ellen Langer wrote a surprizing book called "Mindfulness" that relates to this. What is amazing is that we are now seeing

    more than just a psychosomatic effect - thoughts are actually affecting biochemistry and objective physical states.

    Keep your attitudes cheery ( and stay young)


  • willyloman
    The results showed that memory performance in older adults was lower when they were primed with negative stereotypes.

    This explains why some comments at a Watchtower study are so unpredictable, and why older dubs can't seem to remember the WTS's current teaching on a half dozen key doctrines.

  • Nosferatu

    It also explains why some elderly brothers thank Jehovah for their sins in their prayers.

  • Simon

    Cause and effect. Chicken and egg ...

    How do they know that the positive mental attitude makes you live longer?

    Why not that healthier, stronger, pre-disposed to longer-living people have a better mental outlook ?

  • metatron

    Since humans are so difficult to breed in captivity - and it takes so long for them to die, the best we can do is look

    for objective biochemical changes developed in response to attitude modification ( see "Mindfulness").

    The experiment described therein was quite radical: a bunch of old guys were isolated for a few months at a monastery

    or something and surrounded with nothing but music, magazines and videos of stuff from the '50's. Their bodies appear

    to have positively responded with objective changes. Deepak Chopra makes a big deal out of this - who knows?


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