Hurricanes and Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Sweetp0985

    I hope no one takes offense to this, but as many of you know I live in Louisiana. Many here are starting to REALLY pay attention to IVAN because he hasn't taken that dog-leg to the North that many of the forecasters have been talking about. Everyone is watching and waiting for it to happen..Meanwhile they keep changing the projected path..Even though it hasn't quite proved the forecasters all the way's still leaving room for change..Most of all its still causing destruction wherever it goes.....Does this sound familiar??? JW's say the end is coming. They know its coming but don't know exactly when. They estimate, estimate, get proved wrong (but not in their opinion,in their minds only... something really did happen in but they keep changing their projected paths. And they also leave alot of destruction along the way of that path. People dying because of not being able to receive blood transfusions, not signing a card (Malawians), and ruining families. I'm sure many can think of alot more..... It might not be a good comparison to you guys but as I was just sitting here discussing the hurricane with my supervisor I thought about this....It's coming, Armageddon is coming, we're just waiting on the dog-leg.... BEWARE OF HURRICANE JEHOVAH WITNESS!!!!

  • Gopher

    Hopefully IVAN will calm down and not become another force for disaster like Charley and Florence were.

    Hurricanes -- even though their course is unpredictable -- can be scientifically identified, measured and tracked.

    Armageddon -- nobody can prove that it's near or will ever happen. It's just Biblical imagery used to frighten people (or give false hope to certain others). It cannot be scientifically measured or tracked.

    If a gust of wind happens and someone says "that proves a hurricane is sure to happen and soon", then they're just as inaccurate as end-time doomsayers who say that each little problem the world encounters means "Armageddon is sure to happen and soon".

  • StinkyPantz

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