Einstein vs Rutherford

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    The year 1921 saw the publishing of two books. Rutherford's Harp of God and Albert Einstein's The Meaning of Relativity.

    The Harp of God promised "Proof Conclusive" that "Millions now living will NEVER die".

    The Meaning of Relativity was a printed version of four lectures Einstein gave at Princeton University.

    Rutherford's book was published serveal times, eventually in an edition where the "Millions Now Living" claim was removed, essentially rewritten, a new book with the same title. The 1921 version is available online as part of the Gutenberg electronic book collection. The Watchtower has not published Harp for at least 70 years! No one really reads it anymore.

    Einstein's book went through 5 editions, each edition kept the body of the work the same, but added appendices containing new information, the final appendix in the final edition containing Einstein's latest work on his Unified Field Theory of the "Non-symmeteric Field." The Meaning of Relativity is still being published by Princeton University Press, and is also available as a special edition from Barnes&Noble bookstores. The book is still recommended as a good, although advanced, explaination of relativity. (where else to go other than to Einstein?)

    I think we can say that,

    Rutherford was No Einstein!

    and, as well,

    Einstein was No Rutherford! Thank Goodness!


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    Merry, You expressed it so well.

    Ken P.

  • Farkel


    This is a thread worthy of more activity that it has received. (It's the "moron" factor which we just have to accept.)

    I've read both books. In fact, I read all THREE editions of "Harp" and one has to wonder if they were written by the same person!

    What utter bullshit this man thought he could get away with! What AUDACITY this man had!

    "Understanding Relativty" will be and debated read for centuries. "The Harp" is already long forgotten and only historians read that shit. No one is alive to debate its false predictions.....

    So much for "spirit directed channels from God." that Da Judge claimed to be........


  • Mac

    The Harp Of God proved beyond all doubt that energy and ass are convertible!

    mac, quantum kingdom theorist class

  • seattleniceguy

    What a great contrast! VM, I really like the way you did it. This one and the previous, similar thread regarding the Watchtower and communism, have been two of my recent favorites.


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