200 Democrats have Changed Parties!

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  • czarofmischief

    yep. Bush's Moral clarity and steady resolve have provided enough of an example to influence 200 elected Democrats to change over to the Republican party since Bush took office.

    The Democrat party is becoming ever more extreme, vile, and spineless with the loss of such good people, which cyclically drives even more good people out. Those who really want Kerry to be president should take note.

    Remember, folks, today is the day we learned that we cannot negotiate. We cannot back down. We cannot surrender. Today's Chamberlain-esque appeasement junkies might want to think a little about the evil we are fighting.

    At what point does dissent become cowardice? At what point does cowardice become treason? At what point does treason become an unendurable crime even in a free society?


  • Golf

    "Politics makes for strange bedfellows," is that the saying? Are they turncoats? Nah. They all have the same paymaster.

    Guest 77

  • Gopher

    After leaving the "neutrality" of JW-land, I have independently tried to negotiate the tricky tides of American politics. Both of the dominant parties have their good and bad traits. They both have factions that are "extreme and vile" IMHO, as well as people who genuinely want to serve America.

    Why isn't there some moderate third party that steers between the extremes? Why must the loudest voices dominate American politics rather than the most reasonable ones?

    Is the American public so apathetic or fatigued that they decide for whom to vote on the basis of 30-second commercials of dubious nature?

    On this 3rd anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America we are contemplating the past. Certainly a devastating response against Bin Laden and his operatives was necessary to ensure America's security. But while Bin Laden remains free and continues to plot against the free world, American lives and funds are being committed to a quagmire in Iraq. An American presence will be needed there for many years or else that country will collapse. (Remember that American troops remained in Germany decades after World War II was won.)

    The upcoming American election is a referendum on how Americans feel about the job "W" Bush has done. While his response to Al-Queda was necessary, was the quagmire in Iraq necessary? Whoever wins between Bush and Kerry will have a mess on their hands. I think Bush has burned a lot of bridges with his go-it-alone "world policeman" approach.

  • teejay

    I'd consider supporting him, too, if I could ever figure out what he's done in the past 3+ years.

    The signature "achievement" of the G.W. Bush Administration is the Iraq War, and how's *that* gone? Because it's gone so swimmingly and things are looking so upbeat, every one of that war's architects has either left the Administration or is presently keeping well out of sight for fear of negatively affecting Bush's chances for re-election.

    Fiscally: A $300billion surplus has become a $500billion deficit hanging from our children's necks.

    Foreign policy: An alienation from long-standing foreign allies like never in American history; a nurturing of Islamic hatred of America, even amongst our Arab friends.

    In education, No Child Left Behind signed into law but is grossly under-funded.

    The list goes on...

  • Preston
  • czarofmischief

    Representative Rodney Alexander of Louisiana was the 200th. I'm not sure about the others, but I got a email about it from the Bush campaign... yes, I'm THAT politically geeky I get emails.


  • erik

    Not to mention the fact that we are dealing with a president, whose administration did not allow the FBI to investigate a member of the Saudi civil air authority. The Saudi gov't worker in question supplied two of the nineteen terrorist with money and a place to stay in San Diego. The president does not want to upset his buddies, including Prince Bandar over in Saudi Arabia.

    There has been no link found between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Bin Laden still has not been caught, and America decides to set its focus on (Weapons of Mass Destruction) in Iraq. I can not vote for a President who chooses to mislead the American people, to satisfy his own hidden agenda.

    Who is benefiting from this war? Do some research and see who is benefitting in terms of contracts, etc...

    Halliburton. Remember that company. Yeah the same one that Dick Cheney worked for. The same guy whose was paid 20 million dollars as part of his leave or retirement from his ceo position with Halliburton. Do you think there might just be a little payback there?

    Being a former JW, I tend to have a bad taste in my mouth toward politics. I wish there were more choices than the dem. and rep. parties. I know that there is the independent party lingering out there, but unfortunately they lack the punch of the big two.

    Okay now I am just rambling.


    I saw the post and my feelings toward Bush came out.

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